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Perl XP, Testing, and Coding Training Project

by chromatic (Archbishop)
on Sep 27, 2003 at 01:45 UTC ( #294584=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Update: This project has stalled until further notice. If you have an interest in joining it or helping to run it, please let me know.

I'm pleased to announce the Perl XP Training Project. If you're interested in learning about extreme programming, testing, or just becoming a better Perl programmer, you're welcome to participate.

My original idea is to practice XP on a public, if trivial, project.

I'll play the part of the XP customer, providing story cards. Because I'm also a programmer, I'll try to keep the stories small enough to implement in an hour or two and simple enough that you don't need much knowledge to start. I'll also provide basic customer tests to give you feedback about when the stories are complete. I (and anyone else who has the time and knowledge) am also willing to answer questions you have.

It's okay if you're just getting started with XP, testing, writing modules, or Perl. As long as you're willing to try, to learn, and to accept and to learn from feedback, you're welcome. It's also okay if you can only contribute one story a week — or just one story ever.

This all is a bit of an experiment, which means it's okay to fail as long as we learn from it. I think this could be very useful, though, so if you're interested, please drop by the site and consider contributing.

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Re: Perl XP, Testing, and Coding Training Project
by metaperl (Curate) on Jan 21, 2005 at 17:20 UTC
Dead or re-housed ?
by Random_Walk (Prior) on Jan 21, 2005 at 15:59 UTC

    Is this project now officialy dead or re-housed ? When I go to the URL I just get Domain Contender's spam like advertising. Or perhaps "Diet Pills" are a normal part of XP coding :)


    Pereant, qui ante nos nostra dixerunt!

      It's dead until I have time to revise it (not likely in the near future). I ran out of time and the domain expired and no one noticed.

      Hopefully I can start it up again for a month in April; running it as a 30 Day Project should make it easier to work with my schedule.

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