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RE: RE (tilly) 1: Eulogy for the chatterbox

by Ozymandias (Hermit)
on Aug 25, 2000 at 22:50 UTC ( #29695=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RE (tilly) 1: Eulogy for the chatterbox
in thread Eulogy for the chatterbox

Better to be lenient in what you provide, and strict in what you permit.

Or, another way, don't let a few bad apples spoil the harvest.

As for letting /msh continue; if it's that important, where you just couldn't bear to see it public, then use email. Or IRC. Or the telephone. Or write a (gasp) hard-copy letter and mail it. Why kill the fun of the occaisional amusing accident (and I've had my share) to save you the convenience of hitting the HOME key and looking before you hit "Talk"?

- email Ozymandias
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RE (tilly) 3: Eulogy for the chatterbox
by tilly (Archbishop) on Aug 25, 2000 at 23:05 UTC
    You miss the point.

    The point is not to spew random garbage out, but not to take every piece of junk and escalate it into a flame-war. (OTOH do give feedback. In private.)

    As for /msh, well I do provide an email address when I think it is appropriate. Unfortunately should the other person be unwilling to take me up on that, and wants to continue in /tell - well that happened today.

      Oh, never mind. You aren't going to pay attention anyway. It's really quite simple, though. Allow just about anything that doesn't damage the site. Then simply use the community to regulate what is said and what is not. That's getting harder, lately; perhaps we need "cops" to help control some of the out-of-hand discussion. Better that than to limit everyone because of a few people.

      - email Ozymandias
        Oh, never mind. You aren't going to pay attention anyway.

        Ozymandias, can you appreciate the irony of the above statement in light of the point of this thread? Please, attack the message if you must, but not the messenger.


        The fact that we disagree does not mean that I am wrong.

        What I and perlipc are talking about is the attitude that you want each person to aim for. High or low. IMNSHO most would-be cops are worse problems than the problems they purport to solve in the first place. And most people who volunteer themselves as cops earn my immediate distrust.

        That opinion is based on years of experience and thought, both online and off.

        BTW have the pleasure of the last word. I would like to get back to doing work I get paid for in cash, and helping people out which I get paid for by people thanking me. The latter is, at least to my understanding, what this site is supposed to be about, isn't it?

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