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RE: How to write a nice rule base?

by reptile (Monk)
on Aug 30, 2000 at 02:57 UTC ( #30234=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How to write a nice rule base?

hmm... how about a suggestion on a different approach? You could put your rule base into a hash, with the 'action' possibilities as keys, storing a hashref with the 'sort' and 'msgid' etc. keys, like this (truncated) example:

my %RULES = ( 'post' => { 'msgid' => '^(\d+|new)$', 'data' => '...', }, 'edit' => { 'msgid' => '^(\d+|new)$', }, ..., }; my $allowed = $RULES{ $query->{'action'} }; foreach $key (keys %$query) { exists $allowed->{'key'} ? 1 : return 0; ... }

Or, since it seems pretty obvious there can be only one action type at a time, you could probably cascade the trinary operator, like so:

for ($query->{'action'}) { $allowed = /post/ ? { ... } : /edit/ ? { ... } : /delete/ ? { ... } : die "that action isn't supported"; }

or any variation you like there. The hash-based one is probably faster.

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