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Check IMAP Folders for new messages

by chazzz (Pilgrim)
on Apr 21, 2005 at 12:56 UTC ( #449964=sourcecode: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Category: E-Mail Programs
Author/Contact Info Chris Hills (
Description: This script displays the number of new, and total messages, in each folder of an IMAP account. It currently has the following limitations:-
  • The folder separator is hard-coded with split()
  • Not as fast as it could be, as I could find no way to fetch just the new message count for a folder (with Net::IMAP::Simple). Instead it checks the status of each and every message.
  • Currently no support for SSL
    use strict;
    use Net::IMAP::Simple;
    # This is the folder separator your IMAP server uses.
    # NOTE: Not used yet.
    my $separator = ".";
    # IMAP Account Details
    my %servers = (
          'imap.server.1' => [ 'username' , 'password' ] ,
    #     'imap.server.2' => [ 'username' , 'password' ]
    #     ...
    my $mailbox_name;
    my $new_messages;
    my $total_messages;
    # Define the format rules
    format Mailboxes_Top =
    Mailbox                                      New      Total
    -------------------------------------------- -------- --------
    format Mailboxes_Footer =
    -------------------------------------------- -------- --------
    Total                                        @<<<<<<< @<<<<<<<
    $new_messages $total_messages
    -------------------------------------------- -------- --------
    format Mailboxes =
    @<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< @<<<<<<< @<<<<<<<
    $mailbox_name $new_messages $total_messages
    # For each server...
    foreach my $s (keys %servers){
            # Fetch the username
            my $u = @{$servers{$s}}[0];
            # Fetch the password
            my $p = @{$servers{$s}}[1];
            # Output the heading
            $~ = 'Mailboxes_Top'; write;
            # Open a connection to the IMAP server
            my $server = new Net::IMAP::Simple( $s );
            $server->login ( $u , $p );
            # Get a list of all the mailboxes
            my @folders = $server->mailboxes();
            # Reset the message counters
            my $total_account_messages = 0;
            my $total_new_messages = 0;
            # For each folder on the server...
            foreach(sort @folders){
                    # Select the folder and get the number of messages
                    my $folder_messages = $server->select($_);
                    # Increment the total message counter
                    $total_account_messages += $folder_messages;
                    # For each message in the folder check if it is new
                    my $folder_new_messages = 0;
                    foreach my $msg (1 .. $folder_messages){
                            $folder_new_messages++ if (!$server->seen($msg
                    # Increment the total new message counter
                    $total_new_messages += $folder_new_messages;
                    # Prepare the folder name for pretty output
                    my $title = $_;
                    my @tmp = split(/\./, $title);
                    my $start = "    " x $#tmp;
                    $title = $start . pop(@tmp);
                    # Output the current folder details
                    $~ = 'Mailboxes';
                    $mailbox_name = $title;
                    $new_messages = $folder_new_messages;
                    $total_messages = $folder_messages;
            # Output the footer
            $~ = 'Mailboxes_Footer';
            $new_messages = $total_new_messages;
            $total_messages = $total_account_messages;
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    Re: Check IMAP Folders for new messages
    by davidrw (Prior) on Apr 21, 2005 at 13:40 UTC
      I wrote a similar scriptusing Mail::IMAPClient, which I've liked a lot and found really easy to use and well doc'd.

      Looks like (w/o actually trying it) adding SSL support would be trivial with Net::IMAP::Simple::SSL.

      Here's my script (just a warning this is a quick & dirty solution, but suits my purposes) that i call 'nfrm' (i used to use that elm command all the time when i used pine) -- called by itself (no params), it will list new messages; called with a message index, it will print that message to the screen:
      [david@host david]$ nfrm 1 [INBOX] This is the Subject [david@host david]$ nfrm 1 1 [INBOX] This is the Subject =====> (Some Guy) This is the message text ...

      #!/usr/bin/perl my $N = $ARGV[0] || 0; use Mail::IMAPClient; use strict; my ($host, $id, $pass) = qw( YOURMAIL.HOSt.COM YOURNAME YOURPW ); my $imap = Mail::IMAPClient->new( Server => $host, User => $id, Password=> $pass, ) or die "Cannot connect to $host as $id: $@"; my $ct = 0; my @allMsgs; foreach my $folder ( $imap->folders ){ $imap->select($folder); $imap->Peek(1); my @msgs = grep $_, $imap->unseen(); next unless scalar @msgs; push @allMsgs, { folder => $folder, msgs => \@msgs }; $ct += scalar (@msgs); } foreach my $h (@allMsgs){ my $folder = $h->{folder}; my @msgs = @{$h->{msgs}}; $imap->select($folder); $imap->Peek(1); foreach my $msgId ( reverse @msgs ){ printf "%-2d [%s] %s\n", $ct, $folder, $imap->subject($msgId) unle +ss $N && $ct != $N; printf "=====> %s\n%s", $imap->get_header($msgId, 'From'), $imap-> +body_string($msgId) if $ct == $N; $ct--; } }
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