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Think about Loose Coupling

Re^7: RFC: Acme::BottomsUp

by shmem (Chancellor)
on Sep 03, 2006 at 00:51 UTC ( #570900=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^6: RFC: Acme::BottomsUp
in thread RFC: Acme::BottomsUp


ptum's words

Whatever your meta-ethical viewpoint (or lack thereof) it seems to me that a small amount of decency and respect for others would go a long way in terms of refraining from posts like this.
in Re^2: RFC: Acme::BottomsUp are a smart way to say "observe yourself as slapped".

Furthermore, some points:

  • Christ is a title, yes. And a symbol.
  • Symbols may be held sacred, but aren't. There's no such thing as desecrating a symbol. What is being held sacred (and will be sacred, forever) is what the symbol points to.
  • DrHyde's christ and ptum's christ share a common symbol, but are in fact localized in their own respective package. The debate of the value of christ is pointless.
  • I deeply respect ptum and DrHyde as fellows on the way living through the same life as I live.


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