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Re: Mason subroutine not relefecting changes

by Paladin (Priest)
on Mar 13, 2007 at 22:41 UTC ( #604701=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Mason subroutine not relefecting changes

IIRC, it's not Mason causing the problem, but mod_perl, which caches the Perl to make things run faster. In my limited experience with Mason/mod_perl, what I do in this kind of case is just restart Apache, which clears the cache. There may be a better way, but I know this one works.
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Re^2: Mason subroutine not relefecting changes
by Anonymous Monk on Mar 13, 2007 at 22:48 UTC
    Thanks for your response. However, this subroutine is part of a shopping cart and will be called numerous times. I can't keep restarting/reloading Apache. Is there a better way?
      You only have to restart after updates of the code. If you can't do that you shouldn't deploy work in progress to a production server.

      Anyway, depending on your version of mod_perl; for mod_perl 1.X you can use Apache::StatInc which will reload modules if they've been changed (this can mess up stuff if you have cached data/dependencies, but for simple modules it should work).

      For mod_perl 2.X (and apparently also, 1.X) you can use Apache::Reload / Apache2::Reload , which does more or less the same.

      updated: fixed link to apache::reload

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