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(jeffa) Re: Re: R0z3z 4r3 R3d

by jeffa (Bishop)
on Mar 10, 2001 at 21:45 UTC ( #63493=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: R0z3z 4r3 R3d
in thread R0z3z 4r3 R3d

You totally missed the context. dws has presented a very clever poem, spoken in a Jekyll and Hyde manner. The reason why I feel that you missed the context is because you thought that the 1337 talk was unnecessary. I say it is critical to the poem, just like chainsaw scene was necessary in Scarface . . .

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Re: (jeffa) Re: Re: R0z3z 4r3 R3d
by dws (Chancellor) on Mar 10, 2001 at 22:26 UTC
    The "l337 sp34k" in the poem alludes to the consequences of deploying poor code, particularly CGIs that don't taint check their parameters. Read it from the point of view of a script kiddie. It's intended to grate on your ears.
Re: (jeffa) Re: Re: R0z3z 4r3 R3d
by bladx (Chaplain) on Mar 10, 2001 at 21:53 UTC
    No, jeffa I understood the context... it's just that I'm really sick of seeing people using more characters instead of regular words... only little kids do that pretty much now days on the internet and games... but yes, I understood the poem in context. ^_^

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