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Re: Strange CGI problem with POST

by r.joseph (Hermit)
on Mar 19, 2001 at 21:52 UTC ( #65485=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Strange CGI problem with POST

Thanks alot guys. I already had -w and use strict;, so I am going to have to dig into my code a little bit more. But you defintely have a point - I need to convert PDQ.

However, just really quickly, I have a question for clairification: when using the my $cgi = CGI::new(); method, varibles can be accessed by using $cgi->param(...);, correct?

Also, what would be the best way to go about converting programs that maybe be in excess of 1,000 lines to using the above stated method?

Thanks for all the help!!


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Re: Re: Strange CGI problem with POST
by extremely (Priest) on Mar 20, 2001 at 07:16 UTC's ReadParse is fine. Don't fix what isn't broke. Update them as you are forced to revisit them.

    Also, you don't have to use the Object Method system with CGI if you don't wish to. use CGI qw(:standard); will let you call most of the CGI methods as direct subroutines. $username= param('username'); is nice.

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