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Re: Re: PerlMonks and Google

by stefp (Vicar)
on Apr 01, 2001 at 00:26 UTC ( #68708=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: PerlMonks and Google
in thread PerlMonks and Google

I have checked the word perlmonks on Google and there is almost nothing. There must be many perllmonks pages talking about perlmonks! So I doubt google indexes any page but explicitely submitted ones

Probably jeffa explicitely submitted his page.

-- stefp

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Re: Re: Re: PerlMonks and Google
by stefp (Vicar) on Apr 01, 2001 at 01:37 UTC
    I did indeed. Most of the links are not pointing to perlmonks but to pages from other sites speaking of perlmonks like

    I suspect links to perlmonks have been either explicitely submitted or reached by Google from other sites. Following CGI requests within a site can lead to infinite recursion so I doubt this is ever done by an indexing motor.

    Self referential note: material in italic was not present in the first edition of this node

    -- stefp

Re (tilly) 3: PerlMonks and Google
by tilly (Archbishop) on Apr 01, 2001 at 01:23 UTC

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