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Re^2: EU::MM, StrawberryPerl, Gnu make ...

by Intrepid (Deacon)
on Oct 27, 2008 at 19:19 UTC ( #719810=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: EU::MM, StrawberryPerl, Gnu make ...
in thread EU::MM, StrawberryPerl, Gnu make ...

jeffa wrote in followup 719796:

I'm sorry dude, it's just that every single time i read what you are working on I cannot figure out why you consistently try to drink water with a fork when their are perfectly good cups out there. I guess part of being intrepid is not doing what every one else does -- because they do it with such ease and flair.


LOL. Yeah! I don't have much difficulty seeing how my posts would prompt such a reaction ;-). It's pretty arcane stuff to begin with — like, why is this guy using MS Windows if he wants to do complex stuff with CPAN modules and all??. It is easy to think that I ought to just only do any of it on a free *nix platform where it is all so native and smooth. ;-)

I think you have it right: It's just part of what being Intrepid is about ;-).

Back a few years: I wasn't using Linux™ or anything like it, though, and in fact the Windows port of Perl (mostly by Gurusamy Sarathy) had just been "finished" and ActiveState was just a little startup... etc. My itch to see Perl on Windows work better goes back that long. It's a long-lived itch.

I talked with Tye McQueen on Perlmonks years ago about creating a binary distro of Perl for Windows using the Free GNU gcc tools from MinGW, long before Strawberry existed. I keep thinking about this stuff – experiencing this itch – and that makes me look with particular intensity at how the current efforts, like StrawberryPerl, work.

One thing that really itches for me in particular is that few people really understand how dmake works, but we still rely on it for building Perl on a Windows platform. I have an uncomfortable feeling any time a black box is involved in something I am particularly interested in. It's been a necessary evil(?) all this time but I wonder if it has to stay that way.

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Re^3: EU::MM, StrawberryPerl, Gnu make ...
by jeffa (Bishop) on Oct 27, 2008 at 19:59 UTC

    I forgot to add the part where I first walk into a restaurant and announce my needs. Since the restaurant serves water -- they clearly should be able to address my needs, right?

    Why don't you just join the Strawberry Perl project?


    (the triplet paradiddle with high-hat)

      jeffa wrote in followup 719823:

      Why don't you just join the Strawberry Perl project?

      That's a reasonable question. Of course the answer is that I prefer to reinvent all possible wheels!

      Seriously, the answer is that I gave contributing to it a "test attempt" at one point not that long ago. I found that the part of Adam Kennedy's brain that takes care of the functions of listening to others with more than 1/4 of his "attention and expected intellectual processing capacity", is broken or absent. AdamK also otherwise sets an example of being a complete wanker as an IRC/Internet personality, too. That kind of negative example is part of the problem in the larger Perl culture/community, and I don't want to have any greater a part in that negativity than I have to. If I can, I want to contribute solutions – or at least viable alternatives – from here on out.

      So the short answer was "I'm not going to 'join' Strawberry because of interpersonal conflict with the project lead", which, given some of your own past (very public) assessments of Intrepid, jeffa, you won't perhaps be particularly surprised to hear ;-/.


        So when this all gets sorted out -- do you plan on releasing your own binary Perl for the rest of us to us on Windows OS's? Or is this strictly for your use only?

        Because if I had to guess, I would say that no, no you don't plan on others using this. See ... people like AdamK make things for others such as yourself to use, for free. I can't think of anything more negative than using a forum like Perlmonks to bash an open source project. I mean, that sounds like something that someone who wants open source projects to actually fail would want to do, no?

        And to answer your question -- yes, I am always surprised to hear your opinions, Interpid. They truly go against everything i was taught about just being nice to people -- not that I am, but i think i am more surprised that you seem surprised when people don't agree with you. I liken it to walking onto a train track and being surprised when the train doesn't stop for you.


        (the triplet paradiddle with high-hat)

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