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"New XP" may report at inappropriate times

by davido (Archbishop)
on Jul 12, 2011 at 03:57 UTC ( #913835=pmdevtopic: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Update: Please see the update at the bottom. I think I was mistaken in assessing my observation.

It's probably been this way for awhile, but I've been wondering why when a person gains XP the notification message in the XP Nodelet sometimes may report the new XP gain several times in a row before the message stops showing up.

Here is the relevant code, I think:

1: my( $shownumbers )= @_; 2: # send FALSE if you want people to see gain/loss w/o exact numbe +rs 3: 4: return "" 5: if getId($USER) eq $HTMLVARS{default_user}; 6: 7: my $curexp= $USER->{experience}; 8: my $oldexp= $VARS->{oldexp}; 9: $oldexp= $curexp 10: if ! defined $oldexp; 11: my $difexp= $curexp - $oldexp; 12: $VARS->{oldexp}= $curexp; 13: return "" 14: if 0 == $difexp; ....... lots more below dealing with quips.

It seems that the desired behavior is to have a new XP gain reported exactly one time, not several. I can't prove that it's not just a matter of being upvoted several times, but my feeling that the upvote clusers don't fit my posting habits. For example, maybe I've gone several days between new posts. When I come back to PerlMonks, I find 6xp added. Then upon hitting, "Newest Nodes" or "Talk", I get the same six-point report. It's unlikely in that event that I really gained 6 over the course of a couple days, and then six in the matter of a few seconds again..

I don't want to put out a theory as to why it's happening in the absence of solid evidence, but it seems that $VARS->{oldexp}= $curexp; is taking several reloads to propagate to all the servers.

I guess I would be looking for confirmation that (1) There is a problem, ie, the behavior is as I describe: That the first two reloads (even via 'talk button') sometimes fail to clear the New XP message by setting $VARS{oldxp}=$curxp, and (2) That it's supposed to work as I expect: The report is supposed to show only once. A third question would be what possibilities exist as to why it's happening.

Update: Now that I finally gather the courage to suggest there might be a problem I find it impossible to duplicate the behavior I thought was happening. So perhaps $VARS->{oldexp}= $curexp; is doing exactly what it ought to, and I've been incorrect in my casual observation of the anecdotal evidence I thought was supporting my hunch. ;)


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Re: "New XP" may report at inappropriate times
by choroba (Bishop) on Jul 12, 2011 at 09:52 UTC
    Sometimes, I also have the feeling that the XP gain is being reported several times: mainly when I open several different links in several tabs at the same time.
Re: "New XP" may report at inappropriate times
by GrandFather (Sage) on Jul 12, 2011 at 11:44 UTC

    I certainly see the behaviour you describe where the XP notification is shown for any number of pages opened within a small (few tens of seconds maybe) period of time, including refreshing a page within a small period of time. When it happens it seems to affect all pages opened within the period. As you suggest the effect does not happen consistently and I can't put any sort of reliable time period on the "window of opportunity" except that it seems to be more than a few seconds and less than a few tens of seconds.

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