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Re: Better Days?

by Don Coyote (Pilgrim)
on Apr 12, 2012 at 08:08 UTC ( #964721=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Better Days?

Forums are forums. And all that goes with forums goes with forums. Troll bashing is a highly respected art, and if the mods are at different levels at this then some newbs are gonna get in the firing line sometimes there. The newbs know this though, but like the twentieth dereference hack attempt you undertake you sure as hell aren't going to read the how to ask a question thread are you? No, and why? Because you asked so many times the wrong way in other forums and got bashed for it that on this forum there isnt possibly a way of asking a question that can be frowned at on here is there?? of course not. Because you love to figure it out the hard way. Thats why you are here. You need the affirmation of the knowledgeable. It is a monastery.

I greatly enjoy when someone finally asks a question which I feel capable of answering, being newbish myself. A seek I could not find a few months ago I find I can now scribe. I get a great sense of satisfaction. Especially when all the scrolls in the thread so far have been lmgtfy or use Press::Shift&Key or even the criminal "No you can't do that in Perl you just have to..."!

But I know that I'm not always going to give 'the best' answer but I feel it is only righteous to at least provide an answer I believe will be of the most use and one that I am confident works and answers the question.

This is where I rely on the more knowledgeble monks to step in with some constructive additions to my answer or even (hopefully not) a complete correction. I also look to the sign off on the question, so a monk I have seen with many writeups having signed the question off allows me to be confident that there isn't some hidden trickery in there that will disrupt my system unawares etc.. this kind of task I'm sure doesnt get enough praise. But how virtuous the Monks do be...

Perhaps some introspection on your part is required. Are you wasting time in the discussion realms instead of attempting to tackle the latest grotesquification of a knowledge seeker in the hope that one of the arbiters of the monestary will provide the solution to the thing you cant even read let alone answer?

And anyway famous threads dont just appear in the vaults history, they occur here and now. If it were not for threads like this I couldn't extenuate the mythology myself from visiting all the threads of legend. heheheh. I guess this is like the inevitable flashback episodes you get in all sitcoms, sooner or later you know your going to have to sit through a compilations of memories episode. But you know what, they are good episodes of themselves for that :)

In short, too long is being spent discussing the semantics of a forum where the language itself is questioned to breaking point on a regular basis. Who knows, maybe Perl6 is just an attempt to make moderating somewhat bearable? A not all too unlikely proposition I cajole.

By the way, you are likely to recieve more xp, and sooner, if you do read the forum how-to's :D.

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