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Sorry I wasn't clear enough here. I want one file per queried machine with all of the command outputs in it.

Then I do not understand your stated problem (from the OP): "The problem I am trying to solve is the printed order of the commands in the output file. ", or why you think you need all those darn semaphores in your code?

If you programmed a single threaded solution to this is might look something like:

for my $machine ( @machines ) { open my $out, '>', "$machine.dat" or die $!; for my $cmd ( @commands ) { my $content = get "$machine/$cmd"; print $out $content; } close $out; }

The outputs from the commands end up in the file in the same order as the commands are run, because that the order you print them in.

To turn that into a threaded solution, just make the body of the outer loop the thread:

for my $machine ( @machines ) { async { open my $out, '>', "$machine.dat" or die $!; for my $cmd ( @commands ) { my $content = get "$machine/$cmd"; print $out $content; } close $out; }->detach; }

And (essentially*) that's it! Each thread it using a different file, so no conflicts or ordering problems arise. No need for locking or semaphores or synchronisation.

*As shown, the above would start a new thread for every one of the 1000s of machines and run them concurrently which would blow your memory to hell and thrash your disc to death. But fixing that is very simple:

my $running :shared = 0; ## This tracks the number of conc +urrent threads for my $machine ( @machines ) { async { { lock $running; ++$running; } ## incr on start open my $out, '>', "$machine.dat" or die $!; for my $cmd ( @commands ) { my $content = get "$machine/$cmd"; print $out $content; } close $out; { lock $running; --$running; } ## decr on finish }->detach; sleep 1 until $running < 10; ## sleep a bit if more + than 10 are running } sleep 1 while $running; ## Make sure the main threads waits for th +e last few threads to finish

(That would be simpler still if the API allowed sleep 1 while threads->list( threads::detach ) > 10;; but it doesn't.)

It would also be more efficient of your machine resources (cpu & memory) to use a thread pool (NOT Thread::Pool!!!) solution; but as you're IO-bound; and limiting that for the sake of your proxy; you are unlikely to trouble the resources of even the least well specified machine with the above code.

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