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#!/usr/bin/perl -w # coded by Will Stockwell( use CGI qw(:standard :html3 -no_debug); use Time::CTime; $dir = "."; #Directory location of output files $refresh = 120; # Refresh rate of HTML page for browser $hostfile = "hostlist"; $htmlfile = "linkstat.html"; $pingcnt = "3"; open(HOSTLIST, $hostfile) || die "Couldn't open $hostfile: $!"; @hostlist = <HOSTLIST>; close(HOSTLIST); open(HTMLOUT, ">$dir/$htmlfile") || die "Couldn't open $dir/$htmlfile: + $!"; print HTMLOUT "<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Link Status</TITLE>", "<META HTTP-EQUIV='refresh' CONTENT='$refresh; '>", "</HEAD><BODY BGCOLOR='lightblue' TEXT='black'>", h1("Link Status"); @headings = ('Node', 'Description', 'Status'); @rows = th(\@headings); foreach (@hostlist) { chomp; /:/ || next; # Check for colon to be sure this is not a blank +line ($host, $desc) = split(/:/); $pingout = `/sbin/ping -c $pingcnt $host 2>&1`; # grab the pin +g STDOUT and STDERR open(PINGOUT, ">$dir/$host.html") || die "Couldn't open $dir/$ +host.html: $!"; $time = ctime(time()); print PINGOUT start_html(-BGCOLOR=>'lightblue', -TEXT=>'black', -title=>"Results of ping execution for + $host"), h1("Results for $host at $time"), p($desc); foreach (split(/\n/, $pingout)) { print PINGOUT $_ . br; } print PINGOUT end_html(); close(PINGOUT); $host = a({-href=>"$host.html"}, "$host"); if($pingout =~ /unknown host/) { # This never shows when an IP + is not resolved push(@rows, td([$host, $desc, "<FONT COLOR='brown'>Unresol +ved IP</FONT>"])); } elsif($pingout =~ /100% packet loss/) { push(@rows, td([$host, $desc, "<FONT COLOR='red'>Down</FON +T>"])); } else { push(@rows, td([$host, $desc, "<FONT COLOR='green'>Running +</FONT>"])); } } $email = a({-href=>"mailto:waldo\"}, "waldo\@cyberspace"); $time = ctime(time()); print HTMLOUT table({-border=>undef}, caption("Status check as of $tim +e"), Tr(\@rows)); print HTMLOUT h5("Generated by, coded by Will Stockwell($e +mail)"); print HTMLOUT end_html(); close(HTMLOUT);

In reply to Network Link Status Report Generator by Big Willy

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