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#!c:\perl\bin\perl use LWP::UserAgent; use XML::RSS; #We're running this off of a Windows machine, connecting to a M$SQL se +rver # although any old SQL server would do (e.g. MySQL) use Win32::ODBC; $DSN = "TESTSERVER"; #Create a new UserAgent to pull the XML data down $ua = new LWP::UserAgent; $ua->agent("HeadlineAgent/0.1 ".$ua->agent); #connect via ODBC to the SQL server if(!($db = new Win32::ODBC($DSN))){ print "Error connecting to $DSN\n"; print "Error: " . Win32::ODBC::Error() . "\n"; exit; } # We'll be pulling in RSS files from various sources, # their URL's are stored in the SQL database my %sources; if($db->Sql("SELECT * FROM ExternalNewsSources")) { print "SQL failed.\n"; print "Error: " . $db->Error() . "\n"; $db->Close(); exit; } while($db->FetchRow()){ my(%data) = $db->DataHash(); # ...process the data... # Add to hash of hashes $sources{$data{'ExternalNewsSourceID'}} = $data{'Source'}; } #Create the RSS object to parse the RSS files retrieved... my $rss = new XML::RSS; ($sec,$min,$hour,$mday,$mon,$year) = localtime(time); # preformatted string compatible with SQLServer's timestamp field $nowstring = sprintf("%02i/%02i/%i %02i:%02i:%02i",($mon+1),$mday,($ye +ar+1900),$hour,$min,$sec); #Walk through each of the XML sources foreach $sourceid(keys %sources) { # fetch RSS file from the source's URL my $request = new HTTP::Request GET => $sources{$sourceid}; my $result = $ua->request($request); if($result->is_success) { # grok the RSS file retrieved $rss->parse($result->content); # Step through all the links in the RSS for my $i (@{$rss->{items}}) { # Check to see if we've already seen this link from this source +before... $db->Sql("SELECT * FROM ExternalNews WHERE SourceID=".$sou +rceid." AND Link = '".$i->{'link'}."'"); if($db->FetchRow()) { #skip it - it's here already... } #Sometimes the RSS mis-parses and give us an empty item elsif(length($i->{'title'}) <= 0) { #skip it - it's empty... } else { #Plunk it into the database $db->Sql("INSERT INTO ExternalNews (SourceID,PostDate, +Title,Link,Description) VALUES ($sourceid,'$nowstring','".$i->{'title +'}."','".$i->{'link'}."','".$i->{'description'}."')"); } # Nuke the current values in the object, it appears that the XML lib r +ecycles the variables without clearing them... $i->{'title'} = ''; $i->{'link'} = ''; $i->{'description'} = ''; } } else { print "Doh! couldnt get ".$sources{$sourceid}.": $!\n"; } } #clean up $db->Close();

In reply to RSS Headline Sucker by radixzer0

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