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Re^5: Help with making a Module to reveal supported Perl versions

by boftx (Deacon)
on Dec 11, 2013 at 21:47 UTC ( #1066731=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^4: Help with making a Module to reveal supported Perl versions
in thread Help with making a Module to reveal supported Perl versions

davido, that is exactly the approach I took with Module::Cooker. I left out any minimum perl version and waited for FAILS to come in. The only one was on 5.6 so far and seems tied specifically to File::Path. make_path seems to have been introduced in F::P v2.06_2 so I am setting that in a prereq in Makefile.PL and going to see what happens from there.

The only real annoyance is that in order to test on a given version I have to have a clean perlbrew install, and that can be problematic at times on a shared hosting server.

It helps to remember that the primary goal is to drain the swamp even when you are hip-deep in alligators.

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