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Re^3: Problem with DBI, DBD::XBase

by stefbv (Deacon)
on Jan 21, 2013 at 10:52 UTC ( #1014423=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Problem with DBI, DBD::XBase
in thread Problem with DBI, DBD::XBase

Hi Holger,

You can't upload, but if it's a text file, you can put it's contents here between code tags.


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Re^4: Problem with DBI, DBD::XBase
by hgtmp (Initiate) on Jan 22, 2013 at 08:57 UTC
    Hi Stefan.
    I would like to upload the DBF-file which is a binary.
    Do you know a validator for DBF files?
    Thanks in advance, Holger

      Hi Holger,

      There is a utility included in DBD::XBase named dbfdump that might be used as validator. You can use it to post here the result from the following command:

      dbfdump --info file.dbf

      It can be used also to dump the contents of the database. Also Excel or Open/Libre Office can open DBFs (if you didn't know already).

      Regards, Stefan

        Hi Stefan.
        Many thanks for your help.
        Here is what I get with dbfdump:

        dbfdump --info EEV_DET_BATCHRUN_1~MAIN.DBF
        Filename: EEV_DET_BATCHRUN_1~MAIN.DBF
        Version: 0x30 (ver. 5 (FoxPro))
        Num of records: 67
        Header length: 1000
        Record length: 214
        Last change: 2013/1/23
        Num fields: 22
        Field info:
        Num Name Type Len Decima
        1. PRODUCT C 8 0
        2. PURPOSE C 8 0
        3. GROUP C 50 0
        4. DISC_RATE N 6 2
        5. TIME C 10 0
        6. PERIOD C 15 0
        7. T_FROM N 5 0
        8. T_TO N 5 0
        9. CAL_MONTH B 8 6
        10. CAL_YEAR B 8 6
        11. CONTROL_CA B 8 6
        12. FINALISE B 8 6
        13. INITIALISE B 8 6
        14. INIT_NB_MP B 8 6
        15. PASS_DOWN_ B 8 6
        16. PROJ_MONTH B 8 6
        17. PROJ_YEAR B 8 6
        18. STARTUP B 8 6
        19. TCWP B 8 6
        20. WRITE_CRED B 8 6
        21. W_FORT_FLV B 8 6
        22. _NULLFLAGS 0 2 0

        Let me please recapitulate:
        I have a problem with the field CAL_YEAR.
        With Excel I get the years like 2012, 2013 etc.
        but with DBD::XBase I get decimal numbers.

        Regards, Holger

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