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Re: My first computer was...

by Nkuvu (Priest)
on Jul 03, 2003 at 20:25 UTC ( #271288=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to My first computer was...

TI-99/4A. I'd go into more detail, but I've already been downvoted a whole bunch for no apparent reason. The note was at -4 when I replaced it with something worth downvoting.

I don't care about the XP points, it irritates me to no end that the note was downvoted -- there wasn't anything worth downvoting.

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Re^2: My first computer was... (downvotes)
by tye (Sage) on Jul 04, 2003 at 04:44 UTC

    Well if this note is going to be randomly downvoted, I might as well have something to downvote in it.

    Perl is stupid.

    Someone downvoted every single reply. A few people suck. Don't take it personally. A single downvote is almost always something to just ignore. Even two downvotes is often something to just ignore. Mistakes happen and/or there is always one or two jerks in a crowd.

    Please don't join the mean/angry people. Restore your node so we have a good reason to upvote it and more than cancel out the actions of the jerks.

                    - tye
      Mistakes happen and/or there is always one or two jerks in a crowd.

      Perhaps one should design his or her moderation system to withstand such actions.

      Just a thought.

        A jerk-free moderation system? How do you propose to implement that?
        Are you a jerk? (Please answer truthfully or we'll know.) [ ] Yes [x] No [VOTE]

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