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How do I sort a hash by its values?

by Anonymous Monk
on Feb 22, 2000 at 15:14 UTC ( #3860=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
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I have a hash containing error-codes from a web-server log, and a number as values. I would like to print them out sorted by the number. How do I do that?

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Re: How do I sort a hash by its values?
by btrott (Parson) on Feb 22, 2000 at 22:38 UTC
    Read perlman:perlfaq4, "How do I sort a hash (optionally by value instead of key)?"

    But in short:

    @keys = sort { $hash{$b} <=> $hash{$a} } keys %hash;
    @keys now contains the sorted list of keys.

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