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Re: ISP Rant/Search

by tjh (Curate)
on May 25, 2002 at 11:43 UTC ( #169262=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to (OT) ISP Rant/Search

Shared hosting is such a common need, and we've had a variety of experiences similar to yours from a variety of hosting companies over the years.

This seems like something we should hear more of on PM.

A few recent bits we've heard around our office are:

I've heard things about (but never used) Tier1Host: shared hosting, mod_perl, unlimited MySQL's, unmetered disk and bandwidth, unlimited sub-domains pointing to a directory, etc.

Have heard interesting (mod_perl) things about WebIntellects and CI Host; but I think I recall CI Host only allowing one MySQL database.

This came up under a short search I did some months ago but didn't pursue for other reasons: (

I'm sure you'll hear from others, but here's a small list of web hosting search engines or directories;

Surely there are many more decent hosts that other monks can recommend. I'd love to see a long list from others also.

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