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Re^5: DB persistence framework for Perl Classes

by dragonchild (Archbishop)
on Oct 17, 2004 at 22:07 UTC ( [id://399982]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^4: DB persistence framework for Perl Classes
in thread DB persistence framework for Perl Classes

About lines of code, well, for me lines matters, specially for Perl, since we don't have a nice IDE with wizards like in Java were we really don't need to write things. Perl means write your own code.

You and merlyn are talking past each other. merlyn, AFAICT, is talking about the number of lines in the distributions being used. You, AFAICT, are talking about the number of lines you need to use in order to stitch together the distributions. Two completely different things.

As for IDEs ... it sounds like you really haven't used Java if you feel you can say such things. Granted, I haven't either, but people whose skills I trust have and, frankly, I don't think it's as you make out. Plus, if you use ActiveState, you have Komodo which is a full-fledged Perl IDE with almost as many features as Visual Studio.

Perl means write your own code.

You are taking a position here without thinking it through.. Frankly, Perl, to me, means don't write your own code! One of the primary reasons I use Perl is the existence of CPAN. Millions of lines of code, that I did not write, that I can plug straight into any project I am working on. In fact, not only did I not write it, but I don't maintain it. Even better!

About my time, I'm paid to create components that help our development.

That's funny. That's exactly what I'm paid to do, too. And, frankly, I work solely on the components that, after researching the topic as thoroughly as I can, I cannot find a CPAN module to do it. If the component has a serious impact upon our development, I estimate a good amount of hours to do it. If I can find some CPAN module that does it for me, I can goof off the rest of the time. Perl hackers are "Lazy", remember? :-)

Being right, does not endow the right to be rude; politeness costs nothing.
Being unknowing, is not the same as being stupid.
Expressing a contrary opinion, whether to the individual or the group, is more often a sign of deeper thought than of cantankerous belligerence.
Do not mistake your goals as the only goals; your opinion as the only opinion; your confidence as correctness. Saying you know better is not the same as explaining you know better.

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